typewriting & typesetting arabic & Urdu books

What makes us special.

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Modern Standards

We create documents that meet modern standards. We have been working with clients across Pakistan. Our work looks great both on screen and paper.

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We care

We do everything from typing to formatting, inserting footnotes, side-notes, do editing, design book-cover, format starting pages, insert blank pages, handle in-book titles, special pages, graphs, charts and a lot more.

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Arabic and Urdu

Our basic job is to deal with Arabic and Urdu text. Whether the text is with or without Eraab (تشكيل), a verse from The Qur’an, a quote from Hadith, or how ever it is traditional poetry.

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Online Repository of Print ready books

We provide tens of print-ready books. These books are not copyrighted and are free to get published by anyone across the world. Like “Fazail-e-Sadqat”. We type these books, format them and proofread them and offer publishers around the world. Are you one of them?

Why to hire us!

Answer questions below, they will give you reasons that why you should hire us.
Our Portfolio is a great evidence of what we can do.

1- You have prepared the manuscript of your book, but you can not type write it, or you don't have time to.
2- You have typewritten the text in a word-processor and you don't know how to make it print-ready.
3- Are you tired with typos (errors) that your composes/typist make?
4- Your previous guys taking to much time to complete your job?
5- You are not happy with the quality of the book and you want to rebuild it.
6- Do you want to convert your Inpage document to .docx (MS Word) document?
7- Are you looking for the text for your cover, with traditional calligraphy style?

  • We love transforming your dreams into reality.

  • We polish your text to make it look good.

  • We create standards and people follow us

  • A work is great, only when it is error-free. We offer it.

Who we are!

Ata Rafi

Project Manager


Previously we have typewritten and Typeset dozens of books for leading publisers in Pakistan.

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